Armpit Willy

Armpit Willy guitar


  • Armpit Willy has a strange reaction to peanut butter which causes his armpit hair to grow to extreme lengths. When this happens, his armpit hair gets a mind of its own and grabs things, such as Banana in "The Chronicles of Cutesachusetts".
    • He sometimes lets people bungee jump from his pit hair.
  • He is good at playing the guitar.
  • There is a possibility that he models for Calvin Clam underpants, as an image that resembled him modeling in underwear briefly appeared in "Underpants-Palooza".
  • In "Mall Ya Later", his full name was revealed to be Willard Pittsworth III.
  • His surfer dude voice is an impression of Otto Mann, the school bus driver from The Simpsons.
  • In "Charm School", he is revealed to have a grandmother who lives at Boopelite Assisted Living.

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