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Banana Land (amusement park)

Banana Land

Banana's Amusement Park

Banana Land (styled as BANAИa LAИd on the sign) is an amusement park created by Banana after finding out he was too short to ride on anything at Lose Your Lunch Land. Most of its rides are very badly made and fall apart easily. In fact, one of the rides was simply a garbage container that is shaken by Sleazy Beave. The park was approved by Owl Woman Lady (inspector for The Department of Rides, Games & Incredibly Fun Things) after riding on a roller coaster Banana constructed for the park. The very first visitors to the park were the Junior Rangers.

The park contains the following rides and amusements:

  • The Tilt-a-Hurl, which is simply a can attached to a string that is swung around by Rasta Rat until the string breaks, flinging the client to a certain direction.
  • Sleazy Quake!!, a ride that is simply a Ryan's Rubbish Removal garbage container shaken by Sleazy Beave.
  • The Bananasaurus Mega Blaster Express, a roller coaster made from wood and other materials. This is the ride that led Owl Woman Lady to approve the park. The ride's cab is a radioactive barrel attached to a red wagon with a flashlight on it.