For the episode about this holiday, see Happy Chalawunga!.


Chalawunga morning

Boopelite's Holiday

Chalawunga is a holiday celebrated annually in Boopelite. It is a parody of Christmas, a real-life holiday celebrated in many Western-cultures. On this holiday, people exchange gifts with each other. People who believe in Filthy the Foot also get a sparkly golden egg from him.

A parade is also held on this day. In "Happy Chalawunga!", Lila Twinklepies sang (to the crowd's displeasure) and Goat also sang (to the crowd's applause).

Events Held in Boopelite
ChalawungaThe Chalawunga ParadeMiss Sweetie Cakes CompetitionPresidential Snooty Snoot GalaForest Ranger Talent Show

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