This song's name is unofficial.

Chalawunga Boo-Bunga

Goat Float 2

From Season 1, Episode 3 "Happy Chalawunga!"

Chalawunga Boo-Bunga is a song that is performed at The Chalawunga Parade. In "Happy Chalawunga!", Lila Twinklepies attempted to sing this but was later interrupted by Goat who got a much better response from the crowd.


  • Goat:
    • Chalawunga boo-bunga
    • Careful not to step in dog doo-dunga
    • Me like to eat some egg fu yung-a
    • On this holiday ca-a-a-alled
    • Chalawunga!
    • (repeat chorus)
    • Don't fly your sneaker into-o-o-o
    • My boo-bunga
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