Location Info

Chateau de Pickle

Chateau de Pickle

Pig's Private Pickle Club

Chateau de Pickle (Castle Pickle) was a private building for eating pickles located in a dark alley near Boopelite. At the point of Pig's ownership of the club, pickles were banned in Boopelite by the President of the Planet after the Picklemart was put in a state of disrepair. This was due to the limited-time release of the Limited-Edition Centennial Pickle that caused plenty of havoc at the store, leading to a gigantic mess.

In this club, there is a bar that serves drinks such as pickle martinis. On the opposite side there is a stage for musical performances, in one of which Pig sang. Shortly after this, the President of the Planet found and raided the club and caused it to be shut down, since it was illegally distributing pickles (Pig planted some prior to this and had an entire garden made).

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