For the character of the same name, see DJ Wheelbarrow Full of Nachos (character).

Episode Info

DJ Wheelbarrow Full of Nachos
Season 1, Episode 9
DJ Wheelbarrow Full of Nachos
First Aired
October 16, 2015
Germany flag
September 15, 2016
October 9, 2016
Flag of Poland
June 12, 2017
Viewers (millions) 0.97
Production Code 109
Writer(s) Johnny Ryan, David Sacks, Justin Charlebois, Doug Lieblich, Merriwether Williams
Director(s) Joe Horne, Carl Faruolo
Episode Guide
"Super Space Meatball"
"Let's Get Tiny"

"DJ Wheelbarrow Full of Nachos" is the 9th episode in Season 1 of Pig Goat Banana Cricket.


Pig becomes an outlaw as he distributes illegal pickles; Cricket reunites with an old experiment; Banana sues Ranger Rhino to get his video games back; Goat's concert is ruined when her younger sister arrives. [1]



  • At one point, a newspaper flash that reads "America's Most Wanted" comes on screen. This could mean that Boopelite is set in the United States of America.
  • In this episode, pickles were briefly made illegal in Boopelite.
  • Innuendo: Outside Picklemart, Pig mentioned to bystanders that he was so excited about the limited edition centennial pickle release, he hadn't washed his "gazunga" in 8 months. This could've been a reference to his private parts, making it one of the first adult jokes in the series.
  • Globert makes his debut.
  • The President of the Planet suffers a heart collapse towards the end of the episode. This marks one of the first major medical emergencies in the series.


  • In one scene, Lady Primavera can be seen cheering in the crowd during the DJ Wheelbarrow Full of Nachos concert. However, just seconds later, she can be seen in the hallway of the concert hall, and then back in the crowd again.

Running Gag

  • Goat trying to get away from Melba and then getting caught by her.



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