Fudge-pocalypse Title Card


This page contains a list of notable quotes from the Season 1 episode "Fudge-pocalypse".

  • Goat: "Wouldn't it be great if bubbles were made out of fudge?"

  • Sleazy Beave: Please, I need something to eat."
  • Goat: "Well, how about some Filet Au Fudge in a Tuscan Fudge Sauce with Fudge-ghetti and Icelandic Fudge Wedges?"
  • Sleazy Beave: "I ain't eating anymore fudge, lady!!"
  • Goat: "Umm, Beave. What's your grudge against fudge?"
  • Sleazy Beave: "We've had it up to ya-ya with fudge! We are fudged out over here!"
  • Banana: "Yeah, when are we gonna get some real food up here?"
  • Sleazy Beave: "Does anyone ever told you that you look like a banana? Mmm."
  • Banana: "Yeah, I get that all the time."
  • People with forks, knives and napkins approach to Banana.
  • Banana: "Huh?" Dude, actually no. No! I don't get that! Ever!"
  • Sleazy Beave: "GET HIM!!!!"
  • They go after Banana.

  • Goat: "Cricket!"
  • Cricket: "Goat! You're alive! Good times."
  • Goat: "What is that?"
  • Cricket: "Oh! That's just a life sized replica of you I built, then pretended it would marry me."
  • Goat: "What?"
  • Cricket: "What?"

  • Banana: "You looked like you were holding in a fart."
  • Goat: "I was!" (lets one rip) "And now I'm not!"

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