Gauntlet of Humiliation

Gauntlet of Humiliation


This page features notable quotes from the Season 1 episode "Gauntlet of Humiliation"

  • Pig: "Here's your armpit burger, Armpit Willy."
  • Armpit Willy: "Bushy, bushy! Hey, Pig dude. You forgot my onion rings."
  • Pig: "Oh! Here they come!"
  • Onion rings fall from the sky and lands inside Armpit Willy's neck."
  • Armpit Willy: "Awesome, dude!"
  • Milkshake falls on his head.
  • Armpit Willy: "Oh yeah, and my shake!"
  • He gives Pig a tip.
  • Pig: (holds up the dollar) "TV, here I come!"

  • Pig: "The Salad Sisters! They're attacking right at us!"
  • Chef Jeff: "Give 'em some chili fries, with a side order of pain!"

  • Pig: "I'll never forget you, Chef Joe, I mean Jeff, I mean, they're so similar, it's hard."

  • Goat: "Excuse me, is this the line for the bathroom? 'Cause I really, really, really gotta go!"

  • Banana: "She only wanted me for my Manana."

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