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Gluezy Woozies

MYL - Gluezy Woozies

The one stop shop for all your gluey needs.

Gluezy Woozies is a store located inside The Mall in "Mall Ya Later". They sell about everything but glue and glue guns. Clerk McGirk is known to have a job there.

Banana wanted to purchase the glue tank for $10, but it turns out that it costs hundreds, thousands, even millions of dollars. However, he opens up "Banana's House of Expen$ive Bargains" in The Treehouse so that he can earn enough money to buy the glue tank.

After he purchases the glue tank, he intends to have fun with it. Later on, he ended up trading his glue tank for Goat that Nasty Cat "purchased". It ended up coming to life, fires her into the air, and thanks Banana for his efforts.