Junior Rangers

Chocolate Moose

Junior Ranger Elephant pointing out a Moose making "chocolate"

The Junior Rangers are the "boy scout" division of the Boopelite park rangers. They are a group of children varying in species who do various activities like the real life Boy Scouts. They are watched over by Banana, who often lazes on the job. Their leader was also Ranger Slothbones for a brief time in "Let's Get Tiny" when Banana sabotaged Ranger Rhino's cabin check. Some of the rangers do work for Banana that differs from normal activities, such as pranking the Hamshanks in "Prank Thy Neighbor", or rescuing Banana from Big Ballah Koala in "The Most Beautiful Roach in the World".

In "Zombie Broheims", Pig briefly became a scout master for the Junior Rangers. Once prior to this, according to Banana, he and the rangers got lost trying to look for the Mystery Pit, which took 30,000+ firefighters to find them.


So far, these members have been seen in the series:

Banana usually calls them all "Greg" out of laziness, but no actual Junior Ranger named Greg has appeared so far.

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