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Lady Primavera Van de Snuggles is a beautiful female rabbit who appeared in the Pig Goat Banana Cricket episode, "The Chronicles of Cutesachusetts".


Lady Primavera is very girly and loves anything and everything cute. Unfortunately, her love for cute things causes her to hate anything that's not cute. This caused her to take over Skunkataurachusetts and turn it into Cutesachusetts, her own land. She possesses magic and can turn anything cute, or at least "cute" in her perspective.

If she is angered enough, she has the ability to turn into a very large monster-like version of herself. She attempted to "destroy" Pig, Goat, Banana and Cricket since she lost a race to them prior. She stopped and returned to her normal form when Armpit Willy asked who she was, leading her to gain affection towards him.

In "Gauntlet of Humiliation", she was seen swimming in a pool next to a mansion while Willy relaxed on a chair. This could mean that they both bought a house together (since Primavera formerly lived in a castle in Cutesachusetts but likely had to relocate since she lost in a race)

Her appearances in later episodes show her to be less destructive and more gentle. She supposedly loves going to parties, as she briefly appeared in "DJ Wheelbarrow Full of Nachos".


Lady Primavera is a bright green rabbit with a green and yellow spotted dress, and a magenta flower on her ears. She has rosy red cheeks, two front teeth, and a beauty mark on her cheek. Her ears are sparkly and so is the rest of her fur.

When she is in her monster form, she has several scary body parts such as claws, fangs, tentacles, etc. She is also quite tall in this form.

In "Gauntlet of Humiliation", she is seen climbing out of a swimming pool wearing a skirted one-piece swimsuit. Her swimsuit resembled her dress but was shorter to resemble a one-piece.

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