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Let Me Be Your Blowhole

"Let Me Be Your Blowhole"-0

"Let Me Be Your Blowhole"-0

From Season 1, Episode 10: "Let's Get Tiny"

"Let Me Be Your Blowhole" is a Surf-styled song from the Season 1 episode "Let's Get Tiny".


  • Pig:
    • You will help me achieve my goal if you just let me be your blowhole
    • People laughed at my dream to spray a po-werful stream
    • But now my dream has come true
    • I'm as happy as a pork fon-due
    • Together we're blow-ta-cu-lar
    • Is that the right vernacular?
    • Let me be your blowhole!
  • Timmy the Whale:
    • I was all alone and everyone made fun of me
    • Because I had the most pathetic spray in the sea
    • But then you came along
    • Singing your song
    • I let you be my blowhole
    • And now I'm as happy as a punch bowl!
  • Pig:
    • Punch bo-o-o-o-o-wl!
    • I really mean it.
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