Lipstick Horse

Lipstick Horse


This page contains a list of notable quotes and catchphrases said by Lipstick Horse.

Season 1

Super Space Meatball

  • "Nobody move! (sputters) Lipstick Horse."
  • "Lipstick Attack!!"
  • "Stand back, garbage lady! I've got crimes to commit."
  • "All right, everybody. Put your groceries inside this, umm, the larger bag of groceries! Ooh, cookies and some mascara!"
  • "Yeah, that's nice. Stay out! (sputters) Lipstick Horse."
  • "Looks like you're more powerful than I thought! (sputters) Lipstick Horse."
  • "Smoochy, smoochy."
  • "NOOOOOOO!! (sputters) Lipstick Horse."
  • "We've been watching you, Banana. (neighing) Lipstick Horse."
  • "Ha-ha-ha! He fell for the old "free black suit that secretly turns you into an evil villain" trick! Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! (sputters) Lipstick Horse."
  • "Ha-ha! So now it's the Four-tastic Four against the Fiendish Two. Time Donut, time to-- uhh, Time Donut?"
  • "But you forget, I have the Space Meatball! Ah-ha-ha-ha!"

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