Ma Hamshank

Ma Hamshank


This page contains a list of notable quotes and catchphrases said by Ma Hamshank.

Season 1

Prank Thy Neighbor

  • "Hmm, this place just don't feel like home yet. Something's missing!"
  • "Now the Hamshank's is home!"
  • "Oh look, Early and Whirley. The big city Banana wants to make friends."
  • "Aww, can't y'all take a joke? Prankin' is just our way of saying howdy."
  • "Say hi to Cousin Eel!"
  • "Happy Pranks-givin'!"
  • "Time for our 2 o'clock poop!"
  • "It's underpants o'clock!"
  • "Pig, Goat, Banana and Cricket. Havin' y'all for neighbors, ain't so bad after all."

Season 2

Where Do Pickles Come From?

  • (repeats Armpit Willy and everyone, except Pig) "I believe something crazy, even no one else believes me. I know that the crazy thing is true."
  • "I just know aliens invented mashed p'taters, an' don't you tell me different!"

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