Miss Smileybells
Miss Smileybells


This page features a list of notable quotes said by Miss Smileybells.

Season 1

  • The Most Beautiful Roach in the World
    • "I'm Miss Smileybells. In my classroom, if you want a diploma, you have to earn it just like everyone else. Hehehe."
    • "Okay, class. Your assignment is to build a log cabin out of Popsicle sticks. That means you, too."
    • "Okay, boys and girls. Now let's all draw a pretty picture of a tree."
    • "I said a tree! Does that look like a tree? This is coming off right now!"
    • "You'll never get one! Not unless you do exactly as I say! Stack those three blocks, and do NOTHING! More."
    • "I knew it! I knew you couldn't do it! "F", "F"! You'll never get your kindergarten diploma! Never!"
    • "Okay. Just please, get out of my life."

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