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You are on the home page of the Pig Goat Banana Cricket Wiki, a wiki for the animated comedy series Pig Goat Banana Cricket on Nickelodeon and Nicktoons! The show revolves around 3 different animals and a fruit who have different personalities. The four have fun by going through adventures in the whole wild world!

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Featured Character (September 2016)

Mr. Manelli

Mr Manelli

Manager of Picklemart & husband of Mrs. Manelli

Mr. Manelli is a canine male character in Pig Goat Banana Cricket. He is the manager of Picklemart who made his first appearance in the episode "Pig Goat Banana Cricket High Five!".

Mr. Manelli is usually calm and focuses on working in his office, but can get extremely angry when Pig is spotted causing trouble in Picklemart. When one of the workers informed him that Pig had stolen a shopping cart from the store, he ordered a hitman, called The Shragger.

Mr. Manelli is a larger sized dog with black hair, brown fur and black glasses. He wears a white shirt with a black tie.
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Previously featured characters:
August 2016: Coach McGinty

July 2016: Eve Gruntfest
June 2016: The Shragger
May 2016: Lady Primavera Van de Snuggles
April 2016: Owl Woman Lady
March 2016: He's So Crazy Squirrel
February 2016: Cricket
January 2016: Thomas Jefferson
December 2015: Ranger Rhino
November 2015: Goat
October 2015: Lady Primavera Van de Snuggles

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Next Episode
PGBC Green

"Moby Wolf" will air on:
October 2, 2016 (Nicktoons)
Synopsis: Pig competes to become the next Picklemart mascot; Banana asks the sun to go away so he can sleep; Cricket visits each of his friends' dreams to ask them for a gift; Goat meets the world's biggest dog at the circus, and he steals her horn.
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More Upcoming Episode Air Dates...
Prince Mermeow Moves In (TBA 2016/Nicktoons)
Gold Rush (TBA 2016/Nicktoons)
The Mud Munchkins Must be Crazy (TBA 2016/Nicktoons)
King of TV (TBA 2016/Nicktoons)
Heat Wave (TBA/Nicktoons)
Charm School (TBA/Nicktoons)
Road Trippin' (TBA/Nicktoons)

Featured Image (September 2016)
RR spins JRE

Rasta Rat swings Junior Ranger Elephant around several times.
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Meet the Creators Johnny Ryan & Dave Cooper02:38

Meet the Creators Johnny Ryan & Dave Cooper

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