Ranger Rhino

Ranger Rhino


This page features a list of notable quotes said by Ranger Rhino.

Season 1

Pig Goat Banana Cricket High Five!

  • Ranger Rhino: "Banana!"
  • Banana: "Hey, I was on my break!"
  • Ranger Rhino: "I'll break you!"


  • No speaking lines.

DJ Wheelbarrow Full of Nachos

  • Ranger Rhino: (notices that he's in his tighty-whities) "AAAHH!! Psychopath Giraffe!"
  • Banana: "We demand lots and lots of money and video games."
  • Ranger Rhino: "Rasta Rat was never injured, Banana is a money grubbing liar!"
  • Banana: "There's no way you can prove that!"
  • Ranger Rhino: "Oh yeah?"
  • Retches out pizza box.
  • Ranger Rhino: "Cheese pizza, anyone?"

Let's Get Tiny

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Total Bananarchy

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Angry Old Raisin

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Moby Woof

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Prince Mermeow Moves In!

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The Mud Munchkins Must be Crazy

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