Season 2
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 14-26 (unconfirmed)
Original channel Nicktoons
First aired November 20, 2016
Last aired May 28, 2018
Time slot
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Season 2 is the second and current season of Pig Goat Banana Cricket. It was officially picked up by Nickelodeon and was picked up due to programming blocks. Season 2 began in November 2016 and is currently in hiatus as of May 2017. [1]

As of October 2017, Pig Goat Banana Cricket no longer airs on Nicktoons, and can only be viewed on Nickelodeon's website. It is unconfirmed but can be assumed that Season 2 is the final season of Pig Goat Banana Cricket.


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The following is a list of episodes from Season 2. This is presented in a Number/Name (Premiere Date/Writers) format.

  1. "Heat Wave" (December 4, 2016/Johnny Ryan, David Sacks)
  2. "Charm School" (December 4,2016/Justin Charlebois)
  3. "Road Trippin'" (November 20, 2016/Jacob Fleisher)
  4. "Love Boat" (TBA/Johnny Ryan, David Sacks)
  5. "Hotel It on the Mountain!" (May 17, 2017/Justin Charlebois)
  6. "It's On Like Con Con" (TBA/Eric Acosta)
  7. "Jimmy Ron Cricket" (May 28, 2018 [citation needed]/Johnny Ryan, David Sacks)
  8. "Steak Bus" (April 26, 2017/Jacob Fleisher)
  9. "Flowers for Burgerstein" (May 10, 2017/Justin Charlebois)
  10. "The Goofy Turkey Zone" (April 12, 2017/Jacob Fleisher, Eric Acosta, Justin Charlebois)
  11. "Witness Protection Program" (May 3, 2017/Eric Acosta)
  12. "Where Do Pickles Come From?" (May 24, 2017/Eric Acosta)
  13. "The Ding-A-Ling Circus" (April 19, 2017/Eric Acosta, Justin Charlebois, Jacob Fleisher,Johnny Ryan, David Sacks)
  14. "Hospital Time" (May 31, 2017/Johnny Ryan, David Sacks)

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