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Squishy Dreams is a popular boy band that features 4 members: Brad with his "rockin' bod", Brady with his dreamy eyes, Brando with his long luscious locks, and Bruce who loves his parents and collects rocks. In "Underpants-Palooza", Cricket read a diary (thinking it was Goat's) that talked about her love for the band. Cricket then found the band at the Dolce Vita Hotel and fused them into one person using a machine. This was an attempt to earn Goat's love and affection but later backfired when Goat told him the diary belonged to Melba, her little sister.


Squishy Dreams have the personalities of a stereotypical boy band. They mostly care about their looks and maintaining relationships. However, Bruce appears to be the odd one out in the group, as he mainly cares about his parents and collecting rocks, both of which stereotypical teenagers don't do.


Brad is tall and muscular. He has light brown fur, brown hair and a brown goatee. He also has earrings. He wears a red toboggan, black shorts, a tight white T-shirt and black shoes that resemble slippers.

Brady has very light green (almost white) fur, and has blonde hair. His most notable feature is his bright blue eyes. He wears a chartreuse toboggan, a black shirt, and blue jean pants.

Brando has apricot fur and dark blonde hair. He wears a dark red toboggan, a red V-neck shirt and black pants.

Bruce has ginger hair and wears eyeglasses. He has a more "nerdy" look. He wears a white shirt and blue jean pants with black shoes.

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