Stink Naugahyde

Stink Naugahyde


This page contains a list of notable quotes and catchphrases said by Stink Naugahyde.

Season 1

Cow Duck Avocado Mantis

  • "I'm Stink Naugahyde. I'm here to save the universe!"
  • "Right after this hot dog. (eats one hot dog) And this hot dog. (eats another) And this hot dog. (eats another, his belly gets big) and this hot dog. (eats five hot dogs, belly gets bigger)"
  • "Don't look at me, don't look at me! Ooh, I need a new belt!"
  • "Professor Blubber Brain, you've asked for it!"
  • "Get ready to be flab slapped!"
  • "You didn't just let me down, you let my pants down! You let the crew down, but most importantly, you let my pants down!"
  • "Professor Blubber Brain, prepare to eat flab!"
  • "You did it! Pig, you did the impossible! Oh, you kept my pants up!"

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