Super Space Gnomes III

Super Space Gnomes III

In 3D

Super Space Gnomes III in 3D is a science-fiction movie that Pig, The Shragger and Owl Woman Lady watched in "Mall Ya Later". It is a parody of Star Wars, since a character heavily resembling Princess Leia appeared briefly. Pig saw this movie by sneaking in to the showing room (as suggested by Arnold Fartzenegger). During the showing, Pig sneaked into the projector space and got sucked into the projector, causing the movie to malfunction. During a fight between Goat and Thomas Jefferson, Jefferson shot a magic wand at the screen causing Lord Garglemouth to literally come out and interfere with the crowd.

General Plot

Lord Garglemouth, the primary villain, tries to kill the space gnomes, primarily Emperor Merkel. Lord Garglemouth uses a laser gun to attempt to kill him.

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