Super Space Meatball

Super Space Meatball


This page features a list of notable quotes from the Season 1 episode "Super Space Meatball".

  • Goat: "Look at me! I'm getting oatmeal for you with my mind."
  • President of the Planet: "Yeah, well, look at me, I'm doing the same thing with my hand."

  • Unnamed character: "If only there was a superhero that could save us, and our groceries!"
  • Goat: "Oh, oh, me, I can!"
  • President of the Planet: "Yeah, no, we need somebody with a super power that isn't, you know, complete garbage."

  • Time Donut: (steals the letter N during "The End" title card sequence.) "Ha-ha-ha-ha! I'm a bad donut! AH-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA!!"
  • Pig: (notices the letter N being stolen by Time Donut.) "TIME DONUT!!"
  • Goes after Time Donut.

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