The Chalawunga Parade

Goat Float 2

Annual Parade Held in Boopelite

The Chalawunga Parade is a celebration held annually in the streets of Boopelite during Chalawunga. Several floats are seen going down the road as well as musical performers. Some band members can be seen playing tubas that cause a golden egg to pop out of it. In "Happy Chalawunga!", Lila Twinklepies attempted to sing "Chalawunga Dreams", but was interrupted by Goat who then sang Chalawunga Boo-Bunga. Goat was then arrested by The Shragger for the disruption.

Events Held in Boopelite
ChalawungaThe Chalawunga ParadeMiss Sweetie Cakes CompetitionPresidential Snooty Snoot GalaForest Ranger Talent Show

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