The Chronicles of Cutesachusetts

The Chronicles of Cutesachusetts


The following is a list of notable quotes from the Season 1 episode "The Chronicles of Cutesachusetts".

  • Pig: "Who are you?"
  • Lady Primavera: (adorable laughter) "I am Wady Pwimavewa van de Snuggles, and I need your help! Follow me through the toilet bowl to the wondewous wand of Cutesachusetts."
  • Pig: "Wait, you want me to follow someone I've never met through a filthy toilet to some crazy imaginary land?"
  • Lady Primavera: (adorable laughter) "Yes."
  • Pig: "Okay! Let's go."

  • Banana: Hey, bonehead! How'd you like to make a couple of bucks?"
  • Breakfast Burrito: "You had me at 'hey, bonehead'."

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