The Dumbles

Head Dumble


This page contains a list of notable quotes and catchphrases said by The Dumbles.

Season 1

  • Underpants-Palooza
    • Goat licks the ice cream but notices a camera is being watched.
    • Goat: "AAAHH!! Who are you?"
    • Head Dumble: "I'm a Dumble."
    • Goat: (licks both the ice cream and the Head Dumble) "What kind of flavor is that?"
    • Head Dumble: "Ah-ha-ha-ha-ha! That's hilarious! That's why you're the number one reality star in all of Dumbleville."
    • Goat: "I'm a superstar? What's a Dumbleville?"
    • Head Dumble: "You know, the teeny tiny itty bitty city that's under your treehouse?"
    • Goat: "You mean next to The Forgotten City of Mud Munchkins?"
    • Head Dumble: "We hate them, but yes!"

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