The Most Beautiful Roach in the World

The Most Beautiful Roach in the World


This page contains notable quotes from the Season 1 episode "The Most Beautiful Roach in the World".

  • Banana: "Hey, where's my breakfast in bed? Chop chop!"
  • Pig: "How come you get breakfast in bed?"
  • Banana: "Because it's Banana Appreciation Day."
  • Cricket: You write that every day! You know how many calendars you've ruined?"
  • The view switches to the outside showing a giant pile of ruined calendars.
  • Banana: "And I'll keep writing it until I get the special treatment I deserve."
  • Goat: "You want breakfast in bed? I'll give you breakfast in bed!"
  • Goat goes into a short rage throwing a bowl of cereal on to Banana's bed.
  • Banana: "Mmm! Delicious!"

  • Barbershop Quartet: (singing) "Bum, bum, bum, bum. What's your beef, we're not the moustache thief, so quit your bashes, and stop hasslin' our moustaches. Don't touch my moustache."

  • Pig: "He's So Crazy Squirrel! You're the moustache thief? Why'd you do it?"
  • He's So Crazy Squirrel: "Because, uh... I so crazy?"

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