The Tooth of My True Love

The Tooth of My True Love


This page features a list of notable quotes and dialogue from the episode "The Tooth of My True Love".

  • Banana: (after seeing a brainless Cricket) "Sweet brainless monkeys!"

  • All: "Pig Goat Banana Cricket old Chinese food high five!"

  • Goat: "Ooh, I wonder what my fortune is! An inch of time is worth an inch of gold. Lame. Patience is the most im-I don't have time for this!" (Goat cracks another one open) "You will find true love today. Okay, now this I can get into."
  • Cricket: "You know Goat, sometimes true love can be sitting right in front of you."
  • Goat: "That is so true! Bye!" (Goat leaves the kitchen)
  • Cricket: "And you're gone."

  • Pig: "Ouchies, good thing I've landed on my head."
  • Coach McGinty: "Kid, when I am through with you, you are going to eat lighting and squirt thunder."
  • Pig: "I can already squirt the thunder." (breaks massive wind, causing the house and fence to fall apart)
  • That's Messed Up Son Koala: "Yo that's messed up, son."
  • Coach McGinty: "Let's get you competing in a musical chairs circuit."

  • Tooth: "Hi, Goat. You wanna go hot tubbing?"
  • Goat: "Ah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! Sure!"
  • Tooth: "You know, I'm also a record producer."
  • Goat: "Oh, I know."

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