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The Tooth of My True Love (Song)

"Tooth of My True Love"

"Tooth of My True Love"

From Season 1, Episode 7: "The Tooth of My True Love"

"The Tooth of My True Love" is a song from the Season 1 episode "The Tooth of My True Love". In this song, Goat and an anthropormorphic tooth sing a song about finding one's true love.


  • Goat:
    • You flew into my life
    • And touched my heart
    • I felt a tingle inside
    • And it wasn't from the taco cart
  • Tooth and Goat:
    • Whose gums do you live in?
    • I sure want to know
    • You're the tooth of my true love and we only said "Hello!"
  • Goat:
    • Hello!
  • Tooth:
    • Hello!
  • Goat
    • You're strong and you're bright, cute and flossy
  • Tooth
    • Quiet, Goat, you should floss me!
  • Goat
    • Weee! (laughter)
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