Timmy the Whale

Pig and Timmy


This page features a list of quotes and catchphrases said by Timmy the Whale.

Season 1

Let's Get Tiny

  • Pig: "My reflection? How did I get so fat?"
  • Timmy the Whale: "I'm not your reflection. I'm a whale."

  • Timmy the Whale: "No. Why are you sad?"
  • Pig: "Oh, nothing. It's just that life stinks when your dreams are crushed like bugs."
  • Timmy the Whale: "Yeah, I know how you feel."
  • Pig: "You do?"
  • Timmy the Whale: "Tried to. All the other whales in Whale School made fun of me cuz, cuz, I can't spout water!" (grunting, tries to shoot water, but nothing comes out but a puff cloud.)

  • Pig: "Sounds like you really need a blowhole."
  • Timmy the Whale: "Yeah. Where am I gonna find one?"
  • Pig: (gasps) "Here! Right here! I wanna be your blowhole! Me, me, me, me, me, me, me, MEEEEEEEE!!"

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