Tony Towel

Flowers for Burgerstein (128)


This page contains a list of notable quotes and catchphrases said by Tony Towel.

Season 2

Flowers for Burgerstein

  • "Hello there. Did somebody call Tony Towel, the world's number one repairman?"
  • "What seems to be the trouble, Mrs. Goat?"
  • "So, what needs repairin'?"
  • "Let me take a look."
  • "Tony Towel could fix the Bea Arthur on anything."
  • "And that's towel I do it.
  • "Sorry, unless there's someone who needs a towelin'. I understand."
  • "Ant that's towel we do it. Booyah."
  • "Whoa, this room is towel-y awesome."
  • "It's gonna take a really big towel movement to fix this one."

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