First, I don't exactly know if "AWFUL" is a so curse that it doesn't have to be mentioned in sites like here, word, so if it is just rewrite it.

Second, Nickelodeon, the biggest family network across the world, it's confirmed that it SUCKS.... I heard nowadays that C.H. Greenblatt was forced to apologize on CartoonBrew for Harvey Beaks'..... treatment???? I mean WOW, even in that time they can't understand that their treatment on their series is very bad. Another example is Pig Goat Banana Cricket, a pretty unpopular show, which aired only for a year on Nick. And before Season 1 ended, they decided to can the series, by putting it on Nicktoons for the rest of Season 1 and, oh god, Season 2. However, I was thinking that the network was going better... with the cancellation of Breadwinners, the happy end of Sanjay and Craig on the original channel Nick, the good treatment on the Loud House, the continuation of TMNT, Alvin and Ladybug, the upcoming show Pinky Malinky (some of the most hilarious and ORIGINAL mini-Videos) and the upcoming movie Albert, which can be a great experience for old fans, what can go WRONG???

When a creator blames the channel itself, you can really understand that Nick doesn't give a crap about the quality of its shows.