Guys, I've fell in LOVE with that show. The characters are, even if little stereotypical, much developed, the stories and how they collide each one at the end are awesome, the music is good.... I mean, the series doesn't deserve so much hate like Sanjay & Craig (which I actually liked from Season 2) and Breadwinners!! Oh, and most of the jokes are creative!!!! For example, in Mall Ya Later, a spirit comes from his... yeah... but he says to him that he has to do what he treally wants in his life, even if it's illegal). The point is that all the good elements are not at ALL centered about just butts, like Breadwinners, which could have been a success without the butt-deuce (you know).
Also, I have to admit that, while the cast really tries with passion to make episode (I mean, even if some of plots centered around a character are "a lack of so creative writing", we have to understand that for 4 stories setted in one 22-minute episode, it's difficult to make them SOOO good, each of them), they don't give a... about the easiest parts of developing a series: The series' title and the opening. Maybe that's why people don't give a... about the series.
But, I still recommend it for everyone and yes, it can as successful as SpongeBob.

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